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About Philippine Historical Data

On the 7ᵗʰ of December 1951, then-Philippine President Elpidio Quirino issued Executive Order No. 486 which instructed the Department of Education to collect and compile historical data from barrios, municipalities, cities and provinces around the country. This instruction was given to rebuild historical information regrettably damaged during World War II. Forty-nine provinces complied with the presidential directive, resulting into the compilation of a total of 126 volumes1.

These volumes were subsequently archived at the National Library of the Philippines and later digitized. The digitization process, however, did not include OCR or optical character recognition. What this means is that the scanned documents, while they are avaiable at the NLP web site, cannot be read nor indexed by search engines.

This site, therefore, is an attempt to transcribe each page so that historical data painstakingly compiled by educators in the previous century are not completely lost and forgotten. Once crawled and indexed by search engines, hopefully this site's pages will make life easier for researchers, students and enthusiasts of Philippine History.

For the benefit of researchers, the pagination is indicated as THEY APPEAR in the original documents, so that these may be used in citations without compromise to the paper being written.

Each page of this site will be essentially no-frills and text-based, built for speed rather than esthetics. Grammar has been edited where possible, although editing was done minimally so as not to significantly alter the writing styles of the authors.

This is an ONGOING project involving THOUSANDS of pages to be transcribed, so the historical data for some provinces, municipalities and barrios may come earlier than others. Everyone is advised to be patient.