MUNICIPALITY OF BURGOS (ILOCOS NORTE), Historical Data Part II - Philippine Historical Data MUNICIPALITY OF BURGOS (ILOCOS NORTE), Historical Data Part II - Philippine Historical Data


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amusements, small be it is — Songs are rendered during gatherings, to give intermissions to dances, serenades, and to lull the babes to sleep. Among the popular songs of the town are the following songs:

Dayta Nagsaway Nga Pintas Mo

1. Dayta nagsaway nga pintasmo awan umasping
Marangrangan ta lumbbaga nga pingping
Nga nacaitampucan ta cal-lid mo nga nas la bituen
Ken ta quiday mo nga cas bul-lalayaoiti malem.


No bigyem dayta bibigmo saca umisem
Agparang nga dagus deyta cas marfil a ngipen
Daegan met ta buoc mo pangulculoten
Aglalo no tumamdagca iti agsapa cenno malem.
2. Acan ngatan ti cas kenca na nabuquelen
Nga imparabor ti Dios nga in ca caasping
Ta binucbucodam aminem nga talugading
Ta uray no agmismisuot ca napintas ca laeng.

Dungdunguen Canto Unay

1. Ay-ayaten dungdunguen canto unayunay
In-indayunen cantot' sinamay
Tultuluden cantot' naalumanay
Pagamuanen incanto mailibay


Annay puso annay annay
Nasaem naut-ot la unay
Itdem caniac ta pannaranay
Ta caasiac nga maidasay.

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2. Apaman nga incanto maturog
Yabbong conto 'ta rupam deytoy pañoc
Ta tapno dinaca cagatan ti lamoc
Quet maimas montot' maturog.
3. Apaman nga incanto macariing
Dagdagusen canto nga sapuyuten
Nga ilil-lili cas maysa nga ubing
Ta nanamem sam-it ni essem.


1. Inton tiempo ti igaaw
Ket ti taaw naalinaay
Intanto nga dua Oh natarnao
Nga aglalayag nga agbarbarangay.


Sadiay awan ti amac
Sadiay awan ti danag
Sadiay ket duduata
Ket awan macasingsiñga.
II. Intento met icacanta
Ti sam-it to ayanayatta
Danggayan to met nga cas guitarra
Ti awer ti danum nga agpababa.
III. Ti nalaus unay nga gagarco
Nga macadanon cadaguitoy nga tiempo
Agtuwaw canto toy tactackiagco
Ket diay bay - bay matmatantanto.

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1. Nadesgrascia ni ayat
Agananuac cadin
Diac ipapilit toy baguic no diac kenca maicari
Ta ti adu nga apas ken adu ng umsi
Ta nagayat ka gayam saca ket nagbabawi.


Castoy gayam ni ayat no isut' caumaan
Sabidong nac payeb itittan ta innac mabuya
Di unana nga aldaw no dinac makita
Agladingit ta pusom ket siac tay sangaangitam.


1. Bannatiran tadutdutmot' caliblibnosan
Ta pangguep mo dica patuloyan
Sumina can sadinno ayat' papanam
Sadinno bannatiran anya nga cayo ti inca pagdissuan.


Daytoy cayo nagsabong ken ayat panawamman
Ay babawyemtot camaudianan
No ni liday ti matumpongam.
2. Ania nga sabong ti cayatmo, Bannatiran,
Ta uray no awan pilit nga inca isapulan
Ta sica ti sarming nga paganninawan
Ti raniag da init ken bulan.

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1. Ragayem ta caasim, riingem no mailibay
Un-unnoy daytoy pusoc, gibusam nga bumalacday
Man-mano ngatam nga puso ti di agananay
Nga agtuoc ngem no siac diac malaylay.
2. Nabuslon nga lulua ti balunectot' diay tanem
Nga pangipacsaac ta naulpit ca man ngamin
Gustuem saman nga ituludnac diay tanemen
Barucongcot' marupsa agayat laeng.

Games of children vary with the season. Before harvest time, the playing of tops is en vogue. The old folks like this game because it is a belief among them that the harvest is fruitful if this is played. The opposite game of this which foretells [a] weak harvest is marbles. During bright moonlit nights, children love to play "patintero," "binongbong," and "hide-and-seek." Among the girls, they love to play "piko" or "step." The bigger boys and men have learned to love ball games such as the indoor baseball, volleyball and basketball games. They usually play in competition with the barrio players of their own ages during Sundays and fiestas.

While children love to play — old folks amuse themselves, too, in some ways. The men amuse themselves with cockfighting. The women play the harp and, during days of cooking the bride for the bridegroom - they do the "dallot" or words in rhyme.

12. During night gatherings, especially when there is a novena in commemoration of a dead person, they exchange

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puzzles and riddles, some of which are the following:


1. What is it that has a carabao for a head,
wood for the body and a man for the tail?
Answer - - A man plowing.
2. How can you make nine pieces of sticks of
equal length to ten without breaking one?
Answer - - T E N
3. There are five goats in our yard. Three of
them jumped, how many were left?
Answer - - 5 goats - No one went away, they just jumped.
4. Three ladies went for a walk. The middle
lady held the umbrella as they were walking
side by side on the street. Who was wet?
Answer - - No one because it did not rain.
5. I have a handkerchief of four corners.
I cut one corner, how many corners were left?
Answer - - Five corners- the fourth turned to two after cutting.


Ilocano English
1. Uppat di singit-singit,
Dua di tarid-tarid
Dua di paidpaid
Naysa di saplidsaplid.
Sungbat - - Nuang
1. It has four posts,
2 points, 2 fans and
1 whip.
Answer - - Carabao
2. Sumbrec nga silulucneng
Rumuar nga sitatangken.
Sungbat - - Usang
2. It gets in hard and comes
out soft.
Answer - - Sugarcane in the mills

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3. Sangcagalip nga rabong
Masilnagan nat' lubong.
Sungbat - - Bulan
3. A slice of bamboo shoot
It can light the whole world.
Answer - - Moon
4. No agdekket da buoc ken
buoc dida ammon' Apo Dios.
Sungbat - - Mata
4. When two hairs meet, they
don't know God.
Answer - - Eyes-sleeping
5. Nagmilaac ti cawayan iti
igid ti danao, nagsabong
lanut, nagbungat' lamot.
Sungbat - - Banniit
5. I planted a bamboo by the
side of a spring. It flowered
into a vine and bore leliana
Answer - - Fishing with hook and line
6. Adda belayco nga ginalba
Agayayatac no marba.
Sungbat - - Itlog
6. I have a house with galvanized
iron, if it breaks
down, I am very happy.
Answer - - Egg
7. Langit di ngato
Langit di baba
Danum di nagtengga.
Sungbat - - Niog
7. Sky above, sky below
Water in the middle.
Answer - - Coconut
8. Pinatit co di abong
Rimmuar di nagpandong
Pinatitco di nagpandong
Rimmuar di Castila.
Sugbang - - Taw-wa
8. I hit the house
Came out the veil
It hit the veil, came out the
Answer - - China fruit

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9. Immayac balayyo tala
bukot mo ti isarsarangmo.
Sungbat - - Datar
9. I came to your house
You just showed your back.
Answer - - Floor
10. No rabii tabla
No aldaw tubong.
Sungbat - - Icamen
10. At daylight, it is a tube
At night, it is a floor.
Answer - - Mat
11. Nagmulaac ti casla saba
Nagbulong casla mapula
Nagsabong ti sinan vaso
Nagbungat' sinan puso.
Sungbat - - Papaya
11. I planted one like a banana
It has leaves like amapola
It has flowers like glass
And fruit like your heart.
Answer - - Papaya

13. Proverbs and Sayings:

1. No ni gasat ti dumteng, uray lictadam umuli laang.
When faith comes, though you close the door, it comes in.
2. Uray aniat' makikitam no di agservi ita bagim, baybay-am.
Mind your own business
3. Tadica cayat nga maaramid kenca, iti padam nga tao dica ipalac-am.
Do unto others what you would like others to do unto you.
4. Ti macaturog macamucat
Ti nasalucag, agbaig.
The early bird catches the worm.
5. Ni ayat no paayem, no sapulem awanen.
Strike the iron while it is hot.
6. No agmulaca ti ayat apitemto uray mabayag.
What you sow, ye shall reap.

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7. Uray maawan ti nakem, no dayaw ti alagadem.
Value your honor as you value your life.
8. No bayawas ti agbunga, bayawas met lat' bungana.
Father like son, so is mother like daughter.
9. Ania pay servit' nalangto nga ruot
No matay met ti caballon.
What good is the grass when the horse is dead?
10. Ammo cad nga ibatog ta ayatmo no dica iyasog.
How do I know when you don't speak?
11. No sao agbubucsit, no aramid aglulucdit.
Barking dogs seldom bite.
12. No riri ti agcacabagyan, awan bumibiang tadinto sicat' mabaltican.
Mind your own business.1
13. Uray masaratsat ti puclo, no dayaw ti di malagto.
Sustain your honor though it calls for life.
14. No cayatmot agsidat itlog, anusam ti cutac ti manok.
Patience is bitter but its fruit is sweet.
15. Ti agananus cucuan Apo Dios.
Patience is bitter but its fruit is sweet.
16. Awantot' agladingit nga dinto agliwliwa
Awantot' agragsac nga dinto met agsagaba.
Behind the clouds, the sun is still shining.
17. Adda nanengneng nga mannacagaw-at
Adda masirib nga tugcac.
Talents differ, all is well and wisely put
If you can carry a mountain on your back
Neither can you crack a nut.

[p. 18]

18. Ti agig-gem banga mauringan,
Ti agsidat' sili magasangan.
Whoever touches the pot is marked.

14. Dating from the olden days to the present, there are methods of measuring time. The often crowing of roosters denotes early dawn. The heavens aid in telling time at night. When the morning star is up, it is morning already. When it is full moon and it rises, it is six o'clock P.M. and when it sets, it is 6:00 A.M. When it is overhead, it is midnight. The closing of the acacia leaves and the opening of the patola flowers denotes late afternoon. One's shadow also helps in telling the time during sunny days. When it is right under you, it is noontime, then those people out of their abodes rush home for dinner.

15. Folktales are related by grandmothers to their children often at bedtime. Famous among them is the story of "Baclat" and "Juan An-ananga." The former being a folktale about a humble man who married a princess and became king because he was successful in killing a big pythod which killed plenty of soldiers in the kingdom. The latter is the story of a very poor man who was married to a princess, too, because it was real love that sprang between them, not the glitter of gold nor the social standing that reigned in the princess' heart. The woman felt contented to live with the man and when the parents of the woman observed how loyal and bound they were, pitied them and bestowed upon them their kingdom.

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PART III - - Other Information

No information in the form of books and documents could be found in this town. There is one famed short story writer in the vernacular, Mr David Campañano, the literary editor of the Bananwag, an Ilocano magazine.


1. (SGD.) Mr. Asisclo G. Pante - Ex-Mayor
2. (SGD.) Mr. Primitivo Jamorabon
3. (SGD.) Mrs. Dominga L. Cubi


1. (SGD.) Mr. Mr. Isidoro Ramiro - Principal
2. (SGD.) Miss Priscilla F. Garaza - Teacher
3. (SGD.) Mr. Fermin Dacuycuy - Teacher
4. (SGD.) Mr. Silvino Bartolome - Teacher
5. (SGD.) Mrs. Amparo A. Pascual - Teacher
6. (SGD.) Miss Luisa Lagubuen - Teacher


Transcribed from:
History and Cultural Life of the Town and Barrios of Burgos, Ilocos Norte, online at the National Library of the Philippines Digital Collections. The pagination in this transcription is as they appear in the original document.
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