MUNICIPALITY OF MAHATAO, History and Folkways of Part II - Philippine Historical Data MUNICIPALITY OF MAHATAO, History and Folkways of Part II - Philippine Historical Data

MUNICIPALITY OF MAHATAO, History and Folkways of Part II

Municipality of Mahatao



About these Historical Data

[p. 8]

Manganak mo minaydoyotokong a puro nu samoh
Ahapen konasia pivadiwen a samoh a duwachi,
Ichasaray icharacuj nu doyong du idaud,
Ta mipacacuh paro an domhesan a panepadan;
Ichavakol paro sidoyong du demsiman
Ta mepadekey paru an demhosan
a pedakodakohen.


Like the shooting flower of betel leaves,
Unbent and never depressed,
Your child grows beyond reproach,
I took thine old child and change
Her depressed and poor.
But lo! the whale of the sea
Would never grow bigger
As you cut any portion thereof.
Good are the poor and the thin,
Because surely they wax;
If thou never missed to give food.

5. ADVICE: (Advice to poor son or daughter)
Makayacheyachecho mo u anak nu muchivochid,
Pakadaliay mo su dapui addao nimo.


Flit here and there thou young lark,
Seek the advice of thy elders,
Hence, thou shall find,
a true love and noble advice.

6. Savidog kadu gumlaung
Umyangao ka su kumavos amyapayap -
Mojong ka su kumavus a mayapipi,
Asiyay mo na su cumavus a melolodang,
Mayatej su kumavos a manalasal
Akpejay chona sia a ipaka su dumkel a kayokod.

[p. 9]


Oh almond tree in the front yard,
Bear thy branches spreading.
Bear thy leaves in twins hard,
Bear thy fruits in cluster grouping,
Ripened and fall to the ground,
Gather I, as they fall to the ground
To feed those that are loyal to me.

7. Pinacuyacuyap ako no loyna ko
Du tukon de matarim
A mangay a maneta
Su tujos nu kuhasi,
Pirua ko mayvede du
Vaha nu kanayan
Amandelodelop su hutab du simsiman.


Mother entreated me to go up the mountain
To look for green vegetables
In vain, none could I obtain
Thence, I return to the beach
And there I shipped the foams of surf.


1. Tauri dana as diya dana.
It goes out and goes in. (Eyes)
2. Ango sumongessunget du ahsong a naygalagal.
What is it that goes up and down the river with a saw. (Prawn)
3. Mian sora u tatdo a kamaylipolipus amakey a umarek du kaduan dera amna maparin dava u mevayavayat.
Three sister like to kiss each other but they could never touch each other. (Three stones of a ground stove)

[p. 10]

4. Ango umayayam du ajsung a naylaylay su kalaka.
What is it that goes up and down the river with a raincoat of banana leaves. (The eel)
5. Ango u kuman su maviay.
What is it that eats alive food. (House)
6. En cakaro no anak na am mangyao.
When the child gets out, it shouts. (Gun)
7. Tumanes an kuman.
It cries when it is fed. (Wooden trapeche)
8. An manakem am majap ava. An dianakem am majap.
If you remember it, you cannot catch it. If you do not remember it, you can catch it. (Amarseco)
9. Meparacuj an pakaruan.
It becomes bigger if you subtract from it. (Hole)



1. Aran anghenghen mo a ilaveng u ahob am chitajen na u catuao na. 1. No matter how you cover smoke, it will always seek to come out.
2. Nu sil am umsi ava su camates. 2. The pepper plant does not bear tomatoes or judge a tree by its fruit.
3. Mayvagato kava su kapanyengay mo a tao. 3. Do not pass the balk to your neighbors.

[p. 11]

4. Aranu nichitan mopa u napsa a tavayay am mayonung dana a nakapsa na. 4. Even though you plaster a broken squash, it remains broken or a broken glass can never be mended.
5. Nu nanghavas su calacam am manghaven u kapaca'bu na. 5. One who tries to get everything often gets nothing.
6. Aran livolivohen ca pasada su uyud a anuhed am alit nu kavidin na a diabdis a anuhed. 6. Right although a thousand times violated is still a right.
7. Nu manakao su otyoy am an kuanasao am mandiam su manok. 7. One who steals the egg will soon steal the chicken or petty thieves develop into big time thieves and robbers.
8. Nu masanib a maidanay am anujdan pava anu mian u minsan a uyud a vatahen na. 8. A liar is not believed even when he tells the truth.
9. Aran itayo mo u sosoh am ivahey nu ahob na. 9. Even if you hide a fire, the smoke will tell you or where there is smoke, there is fire.
10. An kavaheng nava am urin. 10. Not all that is black is charcoal.


1. Anu dekey pa u cayo am masonung pa a 1. A young tree can be easily straightened

[p. 12]

talenggen as anu racuj dana am masadit ta manmanma u capotot na canu caparin sia talenngen. while an old tree breaks if it is forced to be straightened or train them young.
2. Anu dimo sa nganiba u inapuan mo, am nanayahen moava u canib da dimo nu camanganacan mo. 2. If you do not respect your parents, don't expect your children to respect you.


1. Manganib ka su capaygay mo a tao tapian aniven daimo. 1. Respect others and you will be respected or do unto others what you would have others do unto you.
2. Parinen mo ava cu capayengay mo a tao u ichaskej mo a parenen dimo. 2. Do not do to others what you do not want them to do to you.
3. Nu vivi a manob am asdepan ava nu naned. 3. In a closed mouth, no fly can enter.
4. Ictuctu mopa a manma canu capy cherin mo. 4. Think before you speak.
5. Tiban mopa u moyen mo du espejo a manma canu katidib mo du moyen nu capayengay mo a tao. 5. Look at your face through the mirror before you look at somebody's face or before you criticize others, see that you are faultless.

[p. 13]

5. Anu casdep mo ava du tribunal am ca capitan mona. 5. It does not mean that once you enter the municipal building that you are the mayor.


1. Anu nangatus casu cartus am macalu a capagan, as numapia a a dadakay am capagan ava. 1. Borrowed money is easily repaid, but kindness and consideration to others cannot be repaid.
2. Nu mabayo am arava u cayfan na. 2. One who is selfish has no friend.
3. Nu camutan a chito am paduam mo pava su danum. 3. Do not pour water on a drowning dog.
4. Arava u macapairaraya a chirin. 4. Words alone shed no blood.
5. Arava u manuma su capanejsen ta firme a manaodi. 5. Nobody ever repented first but always after.
6. An sino u mayanananay am nauri u mian su didiuen. 6. The one who writes is the one who suffers.
7. Nu maavid a savosavong a masdep su angot am ichahaya da nu codibabang. 7. Beautiful fragrant flowers attract butterflies.
8. Mamaroparo u gegem tanu lipan u mulay. 8. You despise others and others will despise you.

[p. 14]

9. Anu adan dana a maunaunas u canon as asucaran mopa am maipasdep pa. 9. Add sugar to sweetened food and it becomes sweeter.


1. Nu wanan a tanoro ta am dayay pa nu caracujan ta am cayan pa nu capaypopesa na a tumaga su nulo 1. The right hand is a part of our body but sometimes it hurts the left hand.
2. Masonung u capanita mo su caychayvan mo as masadit u capamidi mo su asa a mayngud. 2. It is easy to find many friends but it is hard to keep one.
3. Nu maato as uyud a kayvan am nu machivan dimo, mayalit u capian mu amnana pacasisian mo. 3. The best and true friend is one who goes with you when you are in success or in poverty.
4. Nu manamonamo a actuctu ascanu pariparinen am nauri u maato a paniniwang du janit. 4. Cleanliness in thoughts and in deeds is the best key to Heaven.
5. Nu racni nu vahayang am nauri u romarayao sia. 5. An iron is destroyed by its own rust.
6. Nu asa comapia a cayvan am nauri an caduan u rumarayao sia. 6. A good friend will sometimes betray you.

[p. 15]


1. Nu asabtok a viao am masadit a pototon. 1. It is hard to break a bundle of reeds.
2. Nu malit su boboj a manomanoc am maasa u yanan da. 2. Birds of the same feather flock together.
3. An dino ngayan nu ono am ngayan nu ipos. 3. Wherever the head goes, the tail follows.
4. Nu mapia su dadakay a macacactej am masunong u capaysisidong da. 4. Brothers and sisters who are good to one another can easily help each other.
5. Mayñen u maviay a macatani. 5. It is hard to live alone.
6. Anu aro a masiasidong du paripariñen am makalo u catayoca na. 6. If there are many workers, the work will be finished early.
7. Arava u cayo a abo su inavongan. 7. There is no tree without a shade.
8. Anu tay aru u mangtuctu am pacayapuan nu capaydidiman. 8. Too many thinkers may cause a quarrel.


1. Nu macaychej a ipon am iliud nu ries. 1. The sleeping shrimp is carried away by the current.

[p. 16]

2. Nu masadit a yucayon am nu tuman kakaychej. 2. It is hard to wake up a person who pretends to be asleep.
3. Nauri ava u capanajtaj mo anu nacarajan u añen. 3. Do not bar your doors after the storm.
4. Malala u maodin ta macabo. 4. One who is slow gets none.
5. Arava u tao a nanayahen nu lawang. 5. Tide (time) waits for no man.
6. Nauri ava u catoroj mo su pinalas du cadin anu nadiman dana. 6. What is the use of the hay when the goat is already dead?
7. Nu arao sicharao am mirud mu pava a mavoya. 7. Think that today will never come again.


1. Nu caycayo du casalaosawan am matutua. 1. Trees growing on windy places are sturdy.
2. Nu madumi su caoyug a danum am marahem u pahahanan na. 2. Silent water runs deep.
3. Nu cayang am manunet pa anu machispang. 3. The coral crab when cornered will fight for life.
4. Nu pagad am madedeo nava u cawara anmana nu cacaro nu tamonong. 4. A carabao cannot feel or notice the arrival or leaving of a mosquito.

[p. 17]

5. Maparin danu dedequey a among, u coman su raracuj a among. 5. The small fish can eat the big fish, too.
6. Nu hapnit a dequeya manomanoc, am maparin na u manghap su boboj nu cangcang, a racuj a manomanoc. 6. The swallow, a very small bird, can grasp the feather of an eagle, a very big bird.


1. Makaynen cadu danum nio ta ichapatak moava anu mango u catimoy. 1. Economize your water, for you do not know when it will rain.
2. Arava u maychamajpan a dumada a arao. Mangonocon ka su servien mu du ca malquem mo anmana mian u maychijat a capaynecesita mo. 2. For age and want, save while you may. No morning sun lasts the whole day.
3. Nu firme a mangay a mangatus anmana machivohod am mayfirme a maywayam du pa casisian ascanu capapawan. 3. He who goes borrowing goes a-sorrowing.
4. Anu macolay u vito am nauru u cadidicu mo su sinmo nu danum. 4. when the well is dry, you realize the value of water.
5. Mapipia u asa ka among du panay as canu nadpon sira a among a mian pa du tao. 5. On fish on the plate is better than innumerable fishes in the sea.


Transcribed from:
History and Folkways of the Municipality of Mahatao, online at the National Library of the Philippines Digital Collections. The pagination in this transcription is as they appear in the original document.
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