BASCO (BATANES), Municipality of, History and Folkways Part IV - Philippine Historical Data BASCO (BATANES), Municipality of, History and Folkways Part IV - Philippine Historical Data

BASCO (BATANES), Municipality of, History and Folkways Part IV

Municipality of Basco



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[p. 31]

26. Tiban mopa u moyen mu du espejo a manma canu kaditib mo du moyen nu capayengay mu a tao.
Look at your face through the mirror before you look at somebody's face or before you criticize others, see that you are faultless.
27. Anu casdep mo ava du tribunal am ca capitan mona.
It does not mean that once you enter the municipal building that you are the mayor.

Traits: D. Kindness (Charity and Generosity) and Sympathy

1. Anu nangatus ca su cartos am macalo a capagan, as nu mapia a dadakay am capagan ava.
A black cat sometimes gives birth to a red kitten.
2. Nu mabayo am arava u cayvan na.
One who is selfish has no friend.
3. Nu camutan a chito am paduan mo pava su danum.
Do not pour water on a drowning dog.
4. Arava u macapairaya a chirin.
Word alone shed no blood.
5. Arava u manuma su capanejseh ta firme a manaodi.
Nobody ever repented first but always after.
6. An sino u mayanananay am nauri u mian su didiuen.
The one who cries is the one who suffers.
7. Nu maavid a savosavong a masdep su angot am ichahaya da nu codibabang.
Beautiful fragrant flowers attract butterflies.

[p. 32]

8. Mamaroparo u gegem tanu lipan u mulay.
You despise others and others will despise you.
9. Anu adan dana a maunaunas u canen as asucaran mopa am maipasdep pa.
Add sugar to sweetened food and it becomes sweeter.

Trait: E. Loyalty and Patriotism (Trustworthiness)

1. Nu wanan a tanoro ta am dayay pa nu caracujan ta am cayan pa nu capaypepesa na tumaga sa hule.
The right hand is a part of our body but sometimes, it hurts the left hand.
2. Masonung u capanita mo su caychayvan mo as masadit u capamidi mo su asa a mayngud.
It is easy to find many friends but it is hard to keep one.
3. Nu maato as uyud a cayvan am nu machivan dimo, mayalit u capian mu anmana pacasisian mo.
The best and true friend is one who goes with you when you are in success or in poverty.
4. Nu manamonamo a actuctu ascanu pariparinen am nauri u maato a paniniwang du janit.
Cleanliness in thoughts and in deeds is the best key to heaven.
5. Nu rachi nu vahayang am nauri u romarayao sia.
Iron is destroyed by its own rust.
6. Nu asa a camapia a cayvan am nauri an caduan u rumarayao dimo.
A good friend will sometimes betray you.

Trait: F. Helpfulness and Cooperation

1. Nu asabtek a viayo am masadit a pototem.
It is hard to break a bundle of reeds.

[p. 33]

2. Nu malit su boboj a manomanoc am maasa u yanan da.
Birds of the same feathers flock together.
3. An dino ngayan nu oho am ngayan nu ipos.
Wherever the head goes, the tail follows.
4. Nu mapia su dadakay a macacactej am masunong u capaysisidong da.
Brothers and sisters who are good to one another can easily help each other.
5. Mayñen u maviay a macatani.
It is hard to live alone.
6. Anu aro u massiasidong du pariparinen am makalo u catayoca na.
If there are many workers, the work will be finished early.
7. Arava u cayo a abo su inavongan.
There is no tree without a shade.
8. Anu tay aru u mangtuctu am pacayapuan nu capaydidiman.
Too many thinkers may cause a quarrel.

Trait: G. Promptness and Punctuality

1. Nu macaychej a ipon am iluid nu reis.
The sleeping shrimp is carried away by the current.
2. Nu madumi so caoyug a danum am marahen u panahanan na.
Silent water runs deep.
3. Nu cayang an manuñet pa anu machispang.
The coral crab when cornered will fight for life.
4. Nu pagad am madedeo nava u cawara anmana nu cacato nu tamoneng.
A carabao cannot feel or notice the arrival or leaving of a mosquito.
5. Maparin damu dedequey a among u coman su raracuj a among.
The small fish can eat a big fish, too.

[p. 34]

6. Nauri ava u catoroj mu si pinalas du cadin anu nadiman dana.
What is the use of the hay when the goat is already dead.
7. Nu arao sicharao am mirua mu pava a mavoya.
Think that today will never come again.

Trait: H. Courage and Bravery

1. Nu cayocayo du casalaosawan am matutua.
Trees growing on windy places are sturdy.
2. Nu madumi su caoyug a danum am marahem u panahanan na.
Silent water runs deep.
3. Nu napnit a dequey a mamomanoc, am maparin na u manghap su boboj nu cangcang, a racuj a manomanoc.
The swallow, a very small bird, can grab the feather of an eagle, a very big bird.

Trait: Thrift and Economy.

1. Macay non cadu danum nio ta ichapatak moava anu mango u catimoy.
Economize your water, for you do not know when it will rain.
2. Arava u maychamajepan a dumada a arao. Mangonocon ka su servien mu do ca malquem mo anmana mian u maychijat a capaynecessita mo.
For age and want, save while you may. No morning sun lasts the whole day.
3. Nu firme a mangay a mangatus anmana machivohod am mayfirme a maywayam du pacasisian ascanu capapawan.
He who goes borrowing goes a-sorrowing.
4. Anu maculay u vito am naurj u cadidieu mo su sinmo nu danum.
When the well is dry, you will realize the value of water.
5. Mapipia u asa ka among du panay as canu nadpon sira a among a mian pa du taaw.

[p. 35]

One fish in the plate is better than the innumerable fishes in the sea.
6. Atavo aran ango a masunung a majap am machimesunung anmana machimasusunung pa a cabo sia.
Anything that is easily earned is also easily lost.
7. Arava u ries a abu su vinidi.
There is no current that does not return. (There is no anger that does not subside.)
8. Malba ava u cayo an tud a nabtabtavi an dinanyengan a tunghen.
Big trees do not fall by small strokes but by constant bit strokes with an axe.
9. Aran uyud a mavasa u cayo as mayendes du apoy am umninas an cuanasao.
A wet piece of wood when placed on the fire will ultimately burn.
10. Arava u sujsuhan da su vahay a matanoy.
Houses of good people are not burned.
11. Au cauvan ava nu tao am nalkem.
Gray hair does not always mean old age.
12. Arava u siguro du atavo ta anti u isovo dana am masday pa.
There is nothing sure. Sometimes, the food already near the mouth sometimes drops.
13. Ano capno nu angang am manaway u danum.
When the jar is filled, the water spills out.
14. Capayawat mo ava as didiuen mo u ries.
Do not just swim but feel the direction of the current.
15. Atavu ava u tao am malit u masuneb.
Not all men can dive the same depth.
16. An taywara u capalang su cuerdas am macotod.
If the string of the guitar is pulled too tight it will break.

[p. 36]

17. Maychasa ava u caparinan sira a ajapen u among.
There are many ways of catching a fish.
18. Masadit u capangtuctu am masadisadit pa u caparin sia.
It is hard to think but it is harder to do a thing.
19. Ichasaray moava u panadngan mo ta nauri u papagtus dimo.
Do not depend too much upon your support for you may fall with it.
20. Nu mavadede a bato am homotan ava.
A rolling stone gathers no moss.
21. No dimidivi a chito am macasali ava su tuhang.
A dog that does not go out cannot find any bone.
22. Maymohamoha ka tapian mian u yanien mo.
Plant so that you will have something to reap.
23. Nauri ava u cahad mo su takey mo ano tayuca darana carayawen nu nacavalao a vinay u mohamoha.
Do not fence the field after the plants have been destroyed by astray animals.
24. Nu makejnet a bato am maparin na a toljangan nu debjes a tomalacatac a timoy.
Constant drops of rain can bore a hole through the hardest stone.
25. Anu dimoatudaj u asi nu cayo am chitajen mu pa u cahapan mo sia.
If you cannot reach the fruit of a tree, find the means to get it.
26. Masadit u kapatnek su abu su minian a bayon.
It is hard for an empty sack to stand upright.
27. Arava u diasadit du matalacac as arava u diasonung du mapangtu.
Sloth makes all things difficult, but industry easy.
28. Nu maparin nu sicharao am nanayahen mu pava andelac a caparin sia.
Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today.

[p. 37]

29. Aran uyud a matua u bato as dimjesan a ducdukam am mapsa du mayendes.
Constant striking breaks away the hardest stone.
30. Nu rarahan a mayfirme a panahanan am tovoan ava nu dibobot.
Grass will not grow on a busy street.
31. Nu tokon am rumanun ava dimo ta imo u mangay du tokon.
The mountain does not go to you but you must go to the mountain.
32. No aru su inoyen a vineveh am macakpeh su manomanoc.
He who has plenty of ripening bananas gathers many birds.
33. Maymohamoha ca du mapia a tana tapian mian yanien mo.
Plant on fertile soil so that you will have something to reap.
34. Mapipia anu sumavat ka a maysaosaod su sagap as canu caviden mu du calawangan a manalamad su among.
It is better to go home and weave a net than to stay on the beach to watch the fishes.
35. Nu maparek a danum am mapayatnao an sirnien.
Filter dirty water and it will become cleaner.
36. An caro ava nu chirin am mian u ichayparin sia.
A talkative person seldom does much.
37. Nu maynien am nu cabo nu parinen.
The hardest thing is to have nothing to do.
38. Nu asa ca hapnit am maparin nava u amian a payvadiuen a rayuun.
A swallow cannot change winter to summer.
39. Arava u marajet a ploma du masulib a maytulas.
There is no bad pen for a good writer.
40. Nu masen a sagap am macahap su raracuj a among as nu maway a sagap am mapavelao su dedequey a among.

[p. 38]

Big fishes are caught by fine nets while small fishes are free from big fishes net.
41. No aro su mohamoha am aru u yanien na sa nadpon u caychayvan na.
He who plants the most has plenty to harvest and has many friends.
42. Sidongen ka nu Dios anu. Sidongen mo caracujan mu.
God helps those who help themselves.
43. Atavo u raracuj am maypacayapo du ca dequey.
All big things come from small beginnings.
44. Nanayahen moava u capteng mu a capaypapangtu.
Do not wait for the time you feel hungry to work.
45. An mapteng ka am maypapangtu kak.
If you are in need, work harder.
46. Maparin mu ava a locohen u adan dana du palopalo.
You cannot fool an older fool.
47. Nu taywara su kamapidi am makanahje su nahta.
One who chooses too much may get the rotten one.
48. An makey cha macadhgey su mapia chirin, am macapia ka su vatajen du capayengey mu a tao.
If you want to hear good words, speak well of others.
49. Sira u codibabang am fermi da a chitajen u masdep a savosavong.
Butterflies always seek the sweetest flower.
50. Arano maypango dino u cabondon sia nu demdem u arao am umjamo ava u capirua na ay maytutuao.
Even though the clouds cover the sun, there will be a time when it will come out.
51. Maypatchus u cayata mo am maypaliac u capangackleb mo an

[p. 38]

gumtos ka
The higher you climb, the louder the crash you will make if you fall.
52. Masunusunung u kapnet du umoyug a danum du ajsong kanu kapnet du cherin nu tao.
It is easier to block a stream than to stop gossip among the people.
53. An mian ka du takay am mai titiduan u tamek as an mian ka du idi am mi titiduan u tedted.
When you are in the field, leaves have ears, and when you are in the town, eaves have ears.
54. Nu among am masagit du vivi.
A fish is hooked by the mouth.
55. Manma kanu kadakuang mo am tiban mo u anamen mo tapian dicha gagtus du kakarangan.
Before you stride, you should look ahead, else you may fall into a precipice.
56. Nu mangongol a chito am mawayed a manunet.
A barking dog seldom bites.
57. Nu dipa a naparin du mayendes am maparin u caparin na du dequey a horas.
What has happened for a long time may happen at any time.
58. Ackma kay dimakapsa su otyuy.
You look as if you cannot break an egg.
59. Nu mayvahay su espejo am mangchid ava nu bato.
One who lives in a house made of glass should not throw stones at others.

[p. 39]

60. Uyud a maliak u catadivan su lata a abu su minian.
An empty barrel makes a loud noise.
61. Arava u mabchit a dingan su sili.
He who eats pepper feels the pungent taste.
62. Aran mabkas am firme u kayan nu dinak na.
The big waves do not always dash, for there is a time when it become smaller.
63. Maparin mu a iyangay u baca du absong as maparin mo ava u pusposan a minum.
To can take the bull to the river, but you cannot force it to drink.
64. Du yanan nu asucar am dauri u angayan vojano.
Where there is sugar, there the ants go.
65. Nu ma asi a tandud am dauri u yanan danu aru a manumanoa.
There are plenty of birds in a mulberry tree with plenty of fruits.
66. Masadit a tovwan nu mohamoha u apha.
Plants do not grow well in clay.
67. Arava u dimayvide du catana na.
Everything returns from whence it came from.
68. Nu barreta am maparin a parinen a dayim.
A bar of iron can be made into a needle.
69. Sira u raracuj a among am canen da sira u dedekey.
Big fishes eat the small ones.
70. Sira u dedekey a maviay am rarayawen da sira u raracuj.
Small living things destroy the big ones.
71. Aran maylaylay u chongo am mayunong a chongo.

[p. 40]

A dressed up monkey is a monkey still.
72. Nu mavaheng a pusack am mian u capaymanganac na su mavaya.
A black cat sometimes gives birth to a red kitten.
73. Nu atavo aya am mayvide du pinay pakayapuan na.
Everything returns to its origin.
74. Nu taotao am malit sira du cawara da, am du mayendes am mian sa u macacarang canu magogolang.
All men are born equal but become different later.
75. Nu ca' patakan nu kacayo na am nu asi na sira.
A tree is known by its fruit.
76. Nu viay nu tao du ato nu tana ay am ackmay adudug nu cariton.
The life of any person the world over is like a wheel.
77. Nu manomanoc a abu su panid am makasayap ava.
If a bird has no wings, it cannot fly.
78. Maytavu ava u manomanok am mayboboj su mavid.
Not all birds have beautiful feathers.
79. No casolivan an nauri ava u unotan na u kataracuj nu tao.
Wisdom does not depend upon the sizes of men.
80. Atavu avu u savosavong am masdep su angot.
Not all flowers have sweet odors.
81. Nu asa ka tadimpok am cumapet a racuj a namay.
A spark may cause a great fire.
82. Atavu u abnekan daya su "roses" an maykamanuluk.
All roses have thorns.
83. Ackma cavay via du danum a tudngonunut.
Don't be like a seaweed that just follows the current.
84. Nu ma'yet su capayayo am mayet u cadudog na.
The faster one runs, the harder he will stumble.


Transcribed from:
History and Folkways of the Municipality of Basco, online at the National Library of the Philippines Digital Collections. The pagination in this transcription is as they appear in the original document.
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